Our Freezer is always filled a varied flavor selection of cakes and pies. You will surely find something to satisfy everyone. You can always custom order a cake or pie in whatever flavor combination or decoration you desire with a two day notice.

We stock six and eight inch size Traditional decoated ice cream cakes and a wide flavor selection of our eight inch Candy Shoppe Ice Cream Cakes. Also Mud Pies, Banana Split decorated Cakes, The Chocolate Homicide Cake, Frozen Yogurt Pies, six packs of our Ice Cream Cupcakes our very famous Baked Alaska and Spumoni Ice Cream Log (around the holidays)

If you are in a jam and need something last minute then we have you covered.
Mud Pie Banana Split Ice Cream Cake Spumoni Log
ice cream cakes and pies in our freezer
Baked Alaska Chocolate Homicide Ice Cream Cake Traditional Decorated Ice Cream Cake